rSchoolToday District Web Portal - Feedback from Users
“I have found the rSchoolToday website to be a wonderful tool for our district! I find the ability for persons with varying levels of computer proficiency to be comfortable quickly to be one of the most exciting aspects of this product.”  
Francie Biesanz,District Webmaster
Winona Area Public Schools
Winona, MN

 “Going with rSchoolToday was the best decision we’ve made. It is great!”
Cindy Ziegler, Technology Coordinator,
Cochrane-Fountain City Schools, WI

"Your Customer Support is amazing. I worked for IBM for 20 years and they pride themselves on good customer support but your team goes beyond that!"
Bill Theisen, IT Director
Plainview-Elgin-Millville School District
Plainview, MN

“You guys are so awesome- your product keeps getting better and better. Hat’s off to you for making teachers lives easier. Your company is the best!”
Ross Bergerson, Life Science Teacher
John Adams Middle School, Rochester, MN

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